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OUR Services

4 years. 40+ organizations. 7,000+ impacts.

HR Consultancy & Retainership

We bring function specific insights to client challenges around talent acquisition, leadership development, skill development and HR processes to deliver fruitful business results. We work across various industry sectors, employing a simple yet effective approach to each project. Our team concentrates on developing and nurturing professionalism and excellence. We specialize in consulting with existing clients and advising them on issues related to people, processes and policies, audits, training as well as conducting pulse surveys.

Sales & Marketing Consultancy & Retainership

Our sales and marketing support of the organisations spans, Business strategies and processes for sustained growth, Channel expansions, new market penetrations, Business Development & Strategic alliances. We also special in Brand management & communications, Event & connect programs ROI maximization, Seller incentives, rewards and recognition programs, New product launches and 360 degree online and offline marketing strategies.We further train sales teams on all aspects of sales cycle, up-selling/reselling, competition tracking and Data analysis. We believe that a high performing sales engine is the growth accelerator of any organisation

Upskilling & Reskilling

Our training programs are tailor-fit according to organization’s needs and requirements. We believe in delivering cutting edge training with an impact. We look up on training in organization as evolution of an individual as well as organization’s growth and progression. Investing in employees always give tangible returns. We continuously upgrade ourselves, our training methodologies and content bringing in a wider perspective, inclusive and visible change

Compliance Building

We take pride in being one of the leaders and experts in implementing and making organisations PoSH( Prevent of sexual harassment)-compliant. We have a good expertise in making organisations competent in handling such harassment cases. We also make client organisation’s employees aware of diversity, ways to take advantage of it in addition to sensitizing them and preparing them for a better future.

We act as an advisory body to employees who faces challenges at work or to those organizations who wish to increase the competent skills of their employees, keep balance in work-life, secure a positive environment and be effective. We assist the organizations in designing development plans and career progression of managers and leaders and conducting inspiring training workshops and sessions. We believe in promoting honesty, sincere cooperation and commitment to both the parties involved for effective results. Our work is fully transparent and are easily accessible to clients.