If your answers to any one of these is YES


Few of our flagship programs for employees are

  • Growth Mindset: A program based on NLP principles that promises personal, social and professional growth mindset. It is a course on training your mind to be a receptor of positivity and productivity. An effective program that encourages employees to learn at any stage and motivates them to go beyond visible potential.
  • Building a positive work environment: Creating a healthy workplace has become a mandate for every organization to cater to ever changing needs of its employees. A must have for employee retention & growth
  • Collaborative teams: Collaboration and team-building are the back-bones of success and the program aims at delivering objectives through synergies.
  • Diversity Sensitization: Appreciating and understanding the importance how an inclusive culture can do wonders to an organization.
  • Time management and goal setting: Achieving goals and targets on time in an organization is a must, the key here is to have good time management skills and use effective tools.

Few of our stand-out programs designed for managerial positions are

  • People-management skills: Designed especially for people managers or someone who has moved from individual contributor to a PeM role.

  • Effective Feedback: Giving feedback is an art. It requires understanding the mindset of the person to whom the feedback is given and creatively putting it forward to work out on the short comings.

  • Leadership training: Leaders are trained to analyse everything from a wider perspective and motivate their employees to do better.

  • Critical thinking: Gaining an in-depth knowledge of what critical thinking actually is. Identifying who are the employees who think differently and go beyond their roles to find a solution.

Our team conducts various sessions, guest lectures and training programs to create
a good working environment for the clients. The arrays of programs under taken are

  • Appreciating Diversity: We try to make employees know how having a diverse workforce can take their organization to achieve their targets to a whole new level.
  • Diversity sensitization: Employees might not be actively discriminating anyone, so it becomes essential to make them aware of what can be done. Employees could probably be actively aware about being more inclusive.
  • Diversity sensitization: Employees might not be actively discriminating anyone, so it becomes essential to make them aware of what can be done. Employees could probably be actively aware about being more inclusive.
  • Breaking stereotypes :Stereotyping leaves no room for growth therefore, to break out of deep rooted stereotyping is not at all easy. It is imperative to understand and find ways to avoid them in the workplace.
  • Benefits of inclusive diversity:Organizations must know how to make use of inclusive workforce this training helps them achieve that.
  • Effect of diversity on productivity at work environment:Organizations are encouraged to create such a positive work environment so that more and more employees are attracted towards the organizations


Help in preparing the emerging generation to step up and lead. Besides that we also believe in the right of teachers to have a good professional development for improved outcomes for students. Good quality training and reflective practice are essential parts of a teacher’s professional life. Our team delivers sessions for students on:

  • Ethics and integrity: Our focus on creating a positive school culture begins with teaching students ethics and integrity so that they can be a positive influence on their peers and society.
  • Collaboration: Students are trained on how collaboration advances their growth and helps them gain a wider perspective.
  • Anger management: Students are taught to curb their anger, the exercises help in identifying and managing anger in a productive way.
  • Ideation and problem solving: Our effort is to enhance cognitive thinking abilities and radical approach for the students. They are pushed to think ‘out of the box’ or ‘eliminate the box altogether’
  • Goal setting and time management: Students are trained on how to balance all their activities and gain the maximum out of time.
  • Team work and team building: Students are trained on how to work towards a common goal. They are trained to develop skills like communication, compromise, conflict resolution and collective effort.
  • We are delighted to say that we have conducted good learning sessions for the students of Learning Paths School, Mohali.


Our approach in training faculty members is grounded in mentoring, coaching and reflective learning.  Our focus is to develop the ability of teachers to deliver improved learning outcomes and motivating their students to push themselves to achieve beyond what is expected of them. Our training programs constructed for faculty focus on: